How to create a Best Dominations Base Layouts

How to create a Best Dominations Base Layouts?

Dominations is a battle stretegy game to build an empire, wage war & conquer nations. Best dominations base layouts & designs to create high defense base.

Best Dominations Base Layouts

To create a best dominations base , we need to consider several factors for example management of resources, strategy and tactics of the battle, proper building of the base etc. For a powerful defense, we need to think all the important points before creating our dominations base layouts


To have a strong and well-built Dominations Base Layouts base layouts the role of the concerned nation is also very important. Like in Japan they have town hall which are capable of defending itself without any external factor. You should also keep the variables in mind as the variables represents the eventual base layout of your dominations. Protecting your town hall is important but you should never loose too many medals in the process of securing. Every individuals posses own play style but we prefer the third variable where the resources protection is priority.

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Dominations Base Layouts

In the dominations base layout the experience changes the strategies of building them. For beginner, you should build the wall of two chambers. In case your enemies destroyed the walls of your first chamber, then with second chamber you can keep upgrading your walls. Build Catapult otherwise the strength of protection will reduce and you will have to go through the consequences of it. Firstly build Catapult to increase the strength of protection otherwise you have to face the consequences of it.

Dominations Building Placements

The placement of Acropolis is also the most important area of concern in the building of the dominations base layouts. Any defensive purposes is best designed when Acropolis is placed properly. The placement of Wonders should be done in such a way that it can affect the buildings as far as possible particularly the Garrisons. In Wonders, the Acropolis should be given priority and extra care to get the best dominations base layout. The decoy building must be far away and it should be effective enough to push away the enemies and destroy them easily.

A good strategy and planning is needed to build the decoy buildings. If they are located at much distance from your region then it will be very beneficial for the protection of your nation as this would make difficult for your enemies to target you and destroy you completely.

In classical age, to create a best domainations based layout you should keep the barracks far from enemies reach. And if in case your resources get sacrificed while protecting your town hall then also your loss will be not much as compared to get thrash by your enemies. In your town hall , the Catapult, the Garrisons and the Towers should be protected properly with the best strategic placements of these. Temples, small house and even mercenary camp should never be behind the walls.

Different Types of Ages in Dominations

Below we have mentioned the different types of ages in dominations. Each ages have its own limitations and advantages.

Best Bronze Age Base

In the bronze age, you should focus protecting important thing at a time because you can’t defend whole base. So it is advisable to protect stuffs like food, gold etc. The inside storages are essential to continue the game so they should also be well protected and kept safe.

Base Designs

Best Iron Age Base

Now coming to the iron age the number of pieces of wall would be enough to build a strong base and you will be able to built quite enough number of buildings inside the wall. It will be containing all the defenses and the Town Hall Centre inside that area hence it increases the defense mechanism.

Dominations Base Layouts

Best Classical Age Base

In the classical age , the base layouts would have long range of defenses in that particular absolute core while the other ones are present in the perimeter compartments. The farms make this base layout works exceptionally and the other buildings which are present on the outside perimeter help in preventing your troops and the resources.


Best Medieval Age Base

Medieval age which can be used to protect maximum number of resources in the dominations. It can also be used as a war base. The well-built Catapults are capable of dealing with the massive splash damage and this will give the attackers really hard time to enter in your region and conquer over it.

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Best Dominations Layout

Best Gunpowder Age Base

In the gunpowder age, you need to place your base in the right corner to obstruct your enemies path. And reduce their possibility of placing the troops in the right direction. Hence , they will have to throw these troops in the outside skirts of the region. Basically, you can protect the core building by surrounding the other smaller compartments that can hold the strong defenses.

Dominations designs

Best Enlightenment Age Base

In the enlightenment age, generally a nice compartment layouts are present in the core area.

Best Base Layouts

Best Industrial Age Base

In the industrial age, where you can protect your resources while defending your buildings from the attack of the enemies. Town Hall is very helpful in this age and will prevent the loss of the various parts of the base layout.

Best Dominations Base design

Best Global Age Base

In global age, you have tow options i.e. left and right sides where enemies can’t attack you simultaneously. Hence you can easily defend them and protect your dominations. This age is very beneficial for farming purposes by switching out the town hall.

Best Dominations Base

Best Atomic Age Base

Atomic age which has high defense mechanism tactics and defends the centre core. Even if your enemies uses all their power they wouldn’t able to enter into your dominations.

Best Dominations Base

The Forbidden city must be separated from the town hall so that the enemies can’t rally on both. Need to create a proper protection of the mortars, so the enemies can’t easily destroy it. Try to use your non defensive buildings to slow down the enemies and restricting them to a particular area. It is advisable to use anti tank guns for protecting the bunkers and the tank deposits. Connecting the town hall with the roads will help to get health bonus for every building connected via roads. You should place the caltrops, barbed wire, ambush, spike traps etc. reducing the attack of your enemies.


Here we have explained the process to create best dominations base layouts with high defense strategies. If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve our base layouts, then feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading and loving Gamense articles!

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