Best Idle Heroes Tier List

Best Idle Heroes Tier List, Guide & Events Tips

Check out our latest & best Idle Heroes Tier List of 2019 , Idle Heroes Guide with amazing stats & events details.

Best Idle Heroes Tier List


Idle heroes is an addictive mobile RPG game with amazing graphics and characters. This game is developed by DH Games who is famous for creating addictive game like Ode to Heroes. Idle heroes is powered by AI technologies which helps to save time between battles. AI calculates the power level of heroes between Player vs Player or Player vs Environment and decide the winners. In this game, your job is to select proper combination of heroes and nurture them for the battle. As the game progress, you need to unlock the heroes and upgrade the skills to win the battle. There are over 200+ heroes divided between 6 groups i.e. shadow, fortress, abyss, forest, dark and light. Each group has its own definitions and limitations, which may boost or decrease the power level of the heroes. For example, if you create a perfect combination of these group heroes according to situation will increase the chances of winning the battle.

As the game progress, its bit hard to make a best idle heroes tier list because the requirement changes at different stages of the game. The heroes tier list is subjective and depends on individual person to person thinking and his preferences. Some experience’s better while synchronizing different heroes and some not. Here we created a best idle heroes tier list and character guide to get started.

Idle Heroes Tier List & Idle Heroes Events


  • We have picked only those heroes who has the capability to take your game beyond 10 stars.
  • The ranking of heroes may be higher or lower than another, it does not mean that it is better or worse in all situations.
  • To build a winning team, you need to focus on combinations rather than rankings or characters level. Because here the skills of heroes can strengthen the other’s skills.

Best Idle Heroes Tier List

This Idle heroes tier list contains all the required information’s of the heroes and it will be used to build the best possible teams to beat any team.

We have created 2 lists, one for PvE (Player vs Environment) Heroes and one for PvP (Player vs Player) Heroes. The tier list is updated at least once every month to balance the changes and updates on new heroes or meta.

PvP Idle Heroes Tier List

E5 Updated by Zealsambition

Below we have mentioned the best PvP idle heroes tier list with some amazing stats.


Hero Role(s) Stone
aida Aida Burst + Damage Crit/Crit/Attack
Amen-Ra Amen-Ra Crowd Control + Support Speed/HP

TIER 0.5

Hero Role(s) Stone
Asmodel Asmodel Damage Attack/Attack
Dark Arthindol Dark Arthindol Crowd Control + Damage Speed/HP


Hero Role(s) Stone
mihm Mihm Last Attack/Attack
Valkyrie Valkyrie Last HP/HP
Aspen Aspen Last Holy/Attack/HP
oberon Oberon Crowd Control + Damage Speed/HP
Kroos Kroos Support Speed/HP

TIER 1.5

Hero Role(s) Stone
Ormus Ormus Healer Attack/Attack
Faith Blade Faith Blade Burst Crit/Crit/Attack
Amuvor Amuvor Damage Crit/Crit/Attack
Horus Horus Block + Last + Indirect Attack/Attack


Hero Role(s) Stone
Belrain Belrain Support + Healer Speed/HP
Valentino Valentino Crowd Control Speed/HP
Michelle Michelle Crowd Control Speed/HP

TIER 2.5

Hero Role(s) Stone
Jahra Jahra Crowd Control + Damage Crit/Crit/Attack
Emily Emily Exclusive Speed/HP
Aidan Aidan Exclusive Holy/Attack/HP
Flame Strike Flame Strike Last + Damage Crit/Crit/Attack


Hero Role(s) Stone
King Barton King Barton Indirect Holy/Attack/HP
Das Moge Das Moge Last Crit/Crit/Attack
Skerei Skerei Last + Damage Crit/Crit/Attack
Starlight Starlight Last Speed/HP
Groo Groo Indirect Holy/Attack/HP
Demon Hunter Demon Hunter Crowd Control + Fast CC Speed/HP
Xia Xia Block HP/HP
Vesa Vesa Damage Crit/Crit/Attack
Rosa Rosa Support + Healer Speed/HP
Cthugha Cthugha Last HP/HP

Meaning of Roles in Idle Heroes Tier List

Burst: Burst is simple as its name, does an impact damage from early rounds.  It is built with energy artifact, speed stone and growth 3 enabled.

Crowd Control: It control the powers of opponents like stun, etc. It completely disables the abilities of opponents.

Damage: It does lot of damages as compared to burst. It is built with crit/crit stone, crit artifact and mightiness 2 enabled.

Fast CC: Fast CC means Fast Crowd Control which does CC on basic attacks. It is built with speed artifact, speed stone and growth 3 enabled.

Healer: It heals other heroes in the game.

Indirect: It indirectly damages the opponent. It built with magic stone sword, holy damage stone and growth 2 enabled.

Block: It work as an armor, it does damage and block the attacks.

Last: It gets better over time with maximum survive ability. It built with hp stone, damage reduce artifact, vitality 1 enabled and split gear.

Support: It helps your heroes or allies and blocks the opponents.

Exclusive: Its very specific role in a team. It built with Aidan at E3 and keeping Emily at 10 or below, without investing stone.

PvP Idle Heroes Tier List Infographics

PvE Idle Heroes Tier List

E5 Updated by MkxJump

Below we have mentioned the best PvE idle heroes tier list with some amazing stats.

Tier Heros
Godlike Skerei x2, Heart Watcher
Tier 1 Amen-Ra, Aspen, Belrain, Penny, Horus, Sigmund, Ormus, Vesa
Tier 1.5 Aida, Xia, Valkyrie, Skerei, Kroos, Barea
Tier 2 Amuvor, Das Moge, Blood Blade, Flame Strike, Queen, Rosa
Tier 3 Mihm, Asmodel, Faith Blade, Jahra, Valentino, King Barton, Dantalian
Tier 4 Michelle, Aidan, Walter, Emily, Cthugha, Karim, Margaret, Demon Hunter, Groo
Tier 5 Dark Arthindol, CorpsedemonKamath, Kamath, Iceblink, Oberon

PvE Idle Heroes Tier List Infographics

Best Idle Heroes Guide

We have listed below the current best meta as per their factions and included only 2-3 best meta/factions. In the idle heroes guide, we have explained the ability and skills of each meta with their pros and cons.

Shadow Faction

Best heroes for shadow faction are Aidan, Horus and Jahra. They have strong crowd control or usually damage dealers. It is commonly used in rainbow, ruin or auraless teams.


Aidan - Idle Heroes Guide

Aidan provides a lethal burst damage and currently it is better meta as compared to Horus. If you pair it with other armor type idle heroes, then he can damage up to 2 million on each heroes of opponents.

Pros: Guaranteed burst damage and even gain benefits from your deal allies.

Cons: You cannot put Aidan in any random teams and he is a reactive hero, thus the results may vary depending on two teams.


Horus - Idle Heroes Guide

Horus provides flexible builds and counted as very versatile hero. The speed is the weak point because if your ally’s dead which only left horus to block the attack, it can’t attack due to lack of speed.

Pros: He can provide you amazing damage if survived 3 rounds and can deals with true damage on block.

Cons: Lack of speed and no impact on round 1.


Jahra - Idle Heroes Guide

Jahra is same as compared to Horus but it has more crowd control and burst damage.

Pros: Heavy burst damage and non-stun CC.

Cons: It has low HP and no impact on round 1.

Fortress Faction

Best heroes for fortress faction are Valentino, Emily & Ormus. They have usually a support faction. It is commonly used for rainbow, redemption or auraless teams.


Valentino - Idle Heroes Guide

He can stun the opponents in a random order which gives a series damage to any opponent team.

Pros: It has excellent CC and stun immune. It offers surprising damage.

Cons: One of the major cons is to choose between CC or damage.


Emily - Idle Heroes Guide

Emily has strong armor ability which can easily triggered in the 1st round and its amazing at the late end game. She makes the balance between the teams and great impact on the battle.

Pros: It able to protect when gets CCed and allies can deal tons of damage if both the skills of Emily are triggered.

Cons: She is slow and reactive hero. If she gets a one-shoted, passive can’t trigger.


Ormus - Idle Heroes Guide

Ormus is a defensive hero unlike Emily. It ranks lower as compared to valentine and Emily because in current meta game, offense is more essential than defense.

Pros: It provides lots of heals.

Cons: It’s a reactive hero and heals only applied after heroes taking damage.

Abyss Faction

Best heroes for abyss faction is Kroos. They are usually jack of all trade in factions. It is commonly used for rainbow, ruin or auraless teams.


Kroos - Idle Heroes Guide

Kroos is one of the best and excellent PvP heroes with max HP based damage and heals.

Pros: It can free 100 energy to a randow ally. It can allow you to dealx1.5 more damage to weakened heroes.

Cons: He is slow as compared to other CC heroes.

Forest Faction

Best heroes for forest faction is Valkyrie. It is commonly used for rainbow, redemption, full forest or auraless teams.


Valkyrie - Idle Heroes Guide

Its stack is the best PvP synergy in Idle heroes. She is packed with all the essential ability which can truly damage the opponents.

Pros: It cab reduce attack by 12% and can steal 15% attack. She can heals and deals damage when CCed by opponents.

Cons: She is slow and susceptible to CC.

Dark Faction

Best heroes for forest faction are Mihm & Aspen. It has some amazing damage dealers and excellent CC. It is commonly used for rainbow, GvE, dark or auraless teams.


Mihm - Idle Heroes Guide

Mihm is ultimate and excellent PvP ractive hero. It can deal a lot damage on a single death is awesome. If you have options to pick 2 Mihms in your team, then definitely pick Mihms because its all you need to end the game.

Pros: He has immune to CC and damage can be reduced to 30%.

Cons: He is a reactive hero as well as mage.


Aspen - Idle Heroes Guide

Aspen is counted as one of the excellent idle heroes but it still behind the likes of mihm and aida. He is a monster in long fights and you can use the maximum potentials from its stack.

Pros: It has insane damage dealer and unique CC to stop opponents’ abilities.

Cons: Slow to follow up in the fight.

Light Faction

Best heroes for light faction are Aida, Belrain and Michelle. It is commonly used in rainbow, GvE, redemption, full light or auraless teams.


Aida - Idle Heroes Guide

If you are looking for strongest and fastest idle heroes then go for Aida. She has amazing damage and active skill has 100% armor break. Basically, Aida is packed with excellent abilities.

Pros: It has guaranteed damage and true damage based on HP.

Cons: Its last passive will not work if CCed to much and she is mage.


Belrain - Idle Heroes Guide

Belrain is a support type idle hero and a perfect mix of ormus and Emily.

Pros: It has offensive and defensive support. She is also known for great suicide hero.

Cons: Very slow and heals after heroes take a damage.


Michelle - Idle Heroes Guide

Michelle is maintained the consistency throughout the battle which make her impactful. She is fast and has a chance to stun opponents.

Pros: Immune to CC and can help you to win the game.

Cons: Bad vs Lucky candy bar.

Idle Heroes Events

Idle heroes events helps players to get valuable or mysterious items and top-tier heroes. This idle heroes events are recurring and have few types like monthly event, weekly event, militants events, taven quests event, fusion & awakening event and much more. Between these events you can get the opportunity to unlock top-tier heroes, mysterious items, rewards and bonus, amazing competition and much more. Start taking part in idle heroes event and win the ultimate rewards.


So, by now you got the idea about the best idle heroes tier list and how to win a battle with proper combinations. We have also mentioned the idle heroes guide with stats, so you can easily pick the best heroes from the factions. Idle heroes events are recurring monthly and weekly so don’t forget to take a part to win the rewards.

Hope you got the required information on idle heroes tier lists and its guide. If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve our tier list or guide, then feel free to comment below. Thanks for reading and loving Gamense articles!

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