10 Best .io Games for 2020

If you’ve never heard about best .io games, you’re totally missing out. These are a range of insanely cute and curious games, for Android and iOS.

The best part about these games is that they’re all free. These games have specifically been created to reduce your stress levels and are hyper-casual.

Believe me when I say that they’ll get you hooked from the first try. There’s no need for any excessive thinking, strategical planning or decision-making involved, but they’re super fun and addictive.

Best io games in 2020

You must absolutely check out this list of the best .io games available.

 .io Games


hole io

The first one to make it to our list is Hole.io, from Voodoo Games. As the name suggests, it’s basically a hole…that gets bigger as you play.

You start out as a small sinkhole and swallow up as many objects or people on your path as you can to become bigger. Once you reach a bigger size you can even swallow up other small holes. The game offers different skins that you can unlock with each completed milestone.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (Requires iOS 10 or later)

Crowd City

crowd city - Best .io Games for 2020

Another incredible game brought to you by Voodoo and one of the best .io games available to date. You start out as a single person or as a small crowd (depending upon your level in the game), and run all around the city, gathering followers.

The best part of this game is the skins. You can choose to be a piglet, a zebra, a spider or hell, even a unicorn!!

Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (Requires iOS 10 or later)

Paper.io 2

paper io

This is an interesting take on painting, by the .io developers, Voodoo. You simply start out as a colored cube and roam around the board amassing as much territory as you can.

Turn the entire board to your color and rule. Believe me, it’s way more interesting when you play.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (Requires iOS 10 or later)


tornado.io - Best io Games for 2020

Yes, you guessed it, you get to be a tornado! Destroy everything in your path to grow bigger and suck in smaller tornados too.

This game is from Gongulus and has made its way into the list of the best .io games for its cool graphics and exciting skins.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (Requires iOS 9 or later)


snaker io - Best .io Games 2020

Is there anyone who doesn’t like the snake game? If there is, I’m sorry for your loss… This has stayed as one of the best mobile games ever, even from the Nokia 1100 era.

This game by Voodoo puts a slightly different skin on the snake game by making you destroy and eat other smaller snakes. Grow to be the biggest, baddest snake on the board.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (Requires iOS 10 or later)


suck io - Best io Games 2020

The confusing title, isn’t it? But this .io game is the best for all you clean freaks out there. I’m talking about vacuuming! You play as a vacuum cleaner, sucking up everything in your path.

This game is oddly soothing and is a wonderful way to kill time. This is the perfect game for anyone with a slightly obsessive urge to clean. This game is brought to you by Brick Wall Marketing.

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (Requires iOS 9 or later)

A slightly different version of this game produced called Vac.io is available for Android devices.


farmers io - top .io Games 2020

I think it’s safe to say that our agricultural interests, started with Farmville. This .io game from Voodoo is all about harvesting produce. There’s something unbelievably satisfying about watching the fields empty.

You get to drive a tractor or a harvester around fully grown fields and gather grain. This is a unique snake/farming game hybrid where you steal other farmers resources to get longer.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (Requires iOS 9 or later)


snack io - top io Games 2020

Oh yeah, you’re right, you eat and eat some more in this yummy little game, by Voodoo. And the kicker- you play as cute little baby animals! This is the best .io game by far I believe.

Make your fox cub or piglet eat doughnuts and cupcakes and grow fatter and cuter. Battle other smaller critters to become the champion. Those treats look absolutely tempting and would no doubt make you want a snack yourself.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (Requires iOS 10 or later)


aqua park io

This insane summer and the lockdown on top of it, has got all of us dreaming about water theme parks. Well, you could at least virtually enjoy a water slide in this popular .io game by Voodoo.

You start off at the top of a water slide and the goal is to be the first one to reach the bottom. Bump other players off the slide along your way and be the first to jump into the pool.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (Requires iOS 9 or later)


bumper io

You are a ball… But don’t worry, you’ve got a fancy name; bumper. The goal of the game is to be the only bumper remaining on the island.

Get bigger by eating ice cream and bump other players off the land. The bigger you grow, the stronger your bumps get and the easier you can bump others off.

Platforms: Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (Requires iOS 9 or later)

Conclusion – Best .io Games 2020

These are the games that have made the top 10 list of the best .io games there are. They’re all casual and fun games for all age groups. They all come with cute graphics, pleasing music and interesting goals which make them as addictive as they are.



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