10 Best Xbox One Games For Kids

Here we collected some entertaining xbox one games for kids are captivating & educational. Each game is designed for kids & family.

Xbox is gaining very much popularity in the gaming world as gamers nowadays prefer to play console games instead of PC games. If you think there are tons of games available for only fun and enthusiasm then let me excuse you, there are a bunch of games available for the educational purpose also. Kids nowadays can’t leave their home due to pandemic going on throughout the world, and its a great time to learn through educational games with fun. If you are worried about which games are suitable for your child then we have covered top Xbox one games for kids in this article. We have also covered xbox one multiplayer games, so that you can join hands with your kids to enjoy the experience.

Best Xbox One Games for Kids in 2020

Choose your game from our 10 best picks, and let us know in the comment section below how’s your experience.

Best Xbox One Games For Kids

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

LEGO Marvel Super Heros 2 - Best Xbox One Games For Kids 2020

You might be thinking about whether it is a good choice to let your child play this game or not! Well, it depends on you as the game does not relate with actual marvel cinematic stories. The graphics of the game is pretty good and suitable for children aged above 7, so you should not worry about your child, he/she will enjoy a lot.

Developers claims, this game teaches the child more about teamwork, sense of humor and things to do in a critical condition. will help your child to increase hand-eye coordination, the skill of multi-tasking and much more.


Roblox - Best Xbox One Games For Kids

Roblox is being one of the most popular games of all time. It is slightly more famous on the mobile, though, gaining popularity over PC and Mac also. Roblox is supposed to be the best fit game for children with age over 10.

There are filters available for parents using which they can remove some violating and not suitable content which they are not comfortable with. Read Roblox parents guide to know more about in-game policies, chat-filters and more.


Rime - Best Xbox One Games Kids

RiME takes the third position in our list of best Xbox one games for kids. RiME is kind of quiet and peaceful game which ends up with a little tragic moment. However, your child is going to learn a bunch of stuff through puzzles, images and questions.

As the game also contains some hard and inappropriate part, it is good practice to play yourself before inviting to your child. The game is supposed to be short but ends up with lots of skills and will worth it.

Rocket League

Rocket League - Best Xbox One Games Kids 2020

Rocket League is supposed to be one of the best Xbox One games for kids full of fun. It is the only game which has no age limit to play and one of the best competitive multiplayer game for your kids. Rocket League is a game where you can test your child’s in-game skills using couch co-op mode.

If you think your child is really good in the game, then it can be his/her career, as rocket league conducts competition every year as part of eSport.



Is there anyone in the world who does not know Minecraft? Obviously no! Minecraft has been part of the world’s most famous games ever since its launch.

Minecraft is supposed to be a game full of enemies, but it’s not in case of Minecraft education mode. You heard it right! Microsoft has launched the Minecraft’s educational mode where you can play with your child to create your characters, buildings and much more.

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends

Rayman legends could be fit for your child and you as well. This game will help you test your in-game skills and teach lessons like teamwork and collaboration.

Rayman Legends requires high performing skills helping your child to increase the dex score and also helps to deal with the frustrating things in the game. It is not a very tough game but playing it frequently will add some more skills to your child.



Candleman one can be one the easiest Xbox one games for kids which is based on simple task and concepts. The game makes a more interesting environment by adding some educational spaces and experiences.

This game will probably teach your child to focus on important details and catch more accuracy. Paying attention to smaller important things and remember them accurately is supposed to be the goal of the game.

Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania

Remember sonic – the hedgehog, we grew up by playing this wonderful game. The skills you need at top sonic speed is everything that you need in the game.

Sonic Mania is the game made by the sonic fans for especially the sonic fans. Don’t think the game is still running with the old-school graphics, lots of features and levels are added to level up your gaming experience.

Disneyland Adventures

Disneyland Adventures

This is the game where you won’t expect any fight with the enemy or multiplayer battles. Disneyland Adventures is simply the copy or you can say the recreation of Disneyland resort in California with some omissions.

Children will love to explore the new things in Disneyland, interact with other attendees and characters,  find out new secret places and minigames in the Disneyland adventures. You can play the game with a maximum of 2 players co-ops, common kids, let’s go to Disneyland!



If your home is full of kids, then you should try SpeedRunners for all of them. It is a non-traditional racing game where you can compete with other 3 players to run faster.

Use power-ups to get higher ranks and beat your competitors. Though this 2D is unable to feature high-quality graphics, I bet your children will not leave it in the middle of the match anymore.

Trackmania Turbo

trackmania turbo

Last but not least, Trackmania is our some of the best picks for Xbox one games for kids. Racing games has been always a favorite of all, even mine also. You can play against your children and help them increase their presence of mind skills.

Other than racing, track-creator is the real attraction of Trackmania turbo, where your child can exhibit his/her creativity.


Final Words for Kids Xbox One Games

So, there are the top-picks by our gaming team which are from reputed and hit franchise. If you think is there any game which can take place in our list then you can mention it in the comment section down below and we would love to add them. Have a great day!

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