Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump Download Latest Version in 2021 


The Doodle Jump is a really fun game, and you can play this game anytime and anywhere, it is not a hard game for any person, you can play this game with your family and friends.

Players will get a character in the gameplay, and by tabbing the keys, they can jump their game character from one stone to another stone.

The gaming character continuously jumping from one stone to another stone, and that process is very fast, that is why the player needs to be careful while playing this game, since if your gaming character loses one stone, then the game is over.

This game makes their very different place in the game industry since every gamer parson can play this game very easily, you don’t need to learn hard things for playing this game.

This article will give you lots of information about the Doodle Jump game if you want to know everything then read carefully.


Doodle Jump Mod APK


Kids love Doodle Jump Game since it is the very simplest video game ever. The Doodle Jump game is popular in most countries but the Doodle Jump game was developed in America by the American Studio Lima Sky and the first lunch of the Doodle Jump game happen in the year of March 15, 2009.

The Game is available for every kind of operating system, for example, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.

you don’t need to worried about the installation process since you can install it on any kind of system.

The Doodle Jump game was the first released only for the iOS operating system but slowly, this game got popular worldwide since of its simple gaming structure. You can find the Doodle Jump game on lots of popular gaming websites.

Features of Doodle Jump Mod APK

Doodle Jump is a great android and iOS game, which has many great features also available, so we have tried to understand some of the features below through the points which are as follows:

  • Uncomplicated yet engaging gameplay
  • Frequents updates with new items and themes
  • Entertaining, competitive game modes
  • Unlimited money
  • Good Graphics
  • Sound and music Quality awesome


Doodle Jump Unblocked

You can get a chance for making your gameplay more interesting can effortless, if you play this game carefully, then you can cross every level without any problem, players can win lots of rewards and points in the gameplay

which will help them to unlock different characters and powers in the gameplay, and they can use those powers in the gameplay.

The Doodle Jump Game will provide you lots of chances and features in the game and if you play this game carefully, then you can win coins, this game is a simple and popular video game ever and the size of this game is only 46 MB.

Doodle Jump Code

For creating Doodle Jump code, you have to understand three things, first, you need to create a Doodler, second, you have to add gravity, and third, you have added Doodle jump.

If you want to create a doodle, then you have to define the structure of the character, for example, look and other characteristics, in the gravity section you need to add 4 things width, height, velocity, and gravity.

If you want to add jump, then you have added force in the code. As a coder, you have to understand every element of the game.

Doodle Jump Download

If you want to install this game into your system, then it is a very easy task, first, you just have to find this game on the internet and after that, you have to click on the installation button,

after the completion of download process, you have to click on permission button. The Doodle Jump game is available for various types of operating systems.

This game is free, so you don’t need to pay anything for this game, if got bored with your daily rotting, then you can play this game, it is a great time pass for those persons who want to cheer up their mind.

  • First of all, if you have already downloaded Doodle Jump from google play store then uninstall use.
  • After that download Doodle Jump mod apk from the download link given above.
  • Now you install it by going to that folder but before that if you are taking any permission then allow it.
  • Now you can play and enjoy this game in your mobile, you can pass any level according to you.

Does Doodle Jump ever end?

There is no end to the game in Doodle Jump as long as you are on the top of the screen but only when you fall off the screen or get kidnapped by a monster and or a UFO, the game ends.
How do you cheat on Doodle Jump?

In Doodle Jump, you have many items and steps that are difficult to cross, in such a situation, the developers provide some cheat codes, using which you can easily complete any steps, out of which the cheat code of Android we have tried to give below. Keys that you can use for your game play.

  • Ooga – Play as ‘Pocket God’ islander
  • Creeps – The Creeps enemies
  • Boo – Halloween Theme
  • Snow – Holiday theme
  • Klak – Play as Indian

What’s the highest score on Doodle Jump?

At this precise moment the Doodle Jump world record is 16,128,481. The best score recorded this week sits at around 2.3 million. Today someone managed to score 824,347.
Is Doodle Jump safe?

Doodle Jump Safe Game for Kids Most of the kids are more attracted towards this kind of game Parents need to know that this cute leaning game is suitable for most kids.




So, the Doodle Jump is in high demand in the Gaming market and this game is most popular game among young gamers. The screenplay of the game is very simple but the graphics of the game is amazing and attractive.

If you want to play this game with fast screenplay, then it depends on you, since first you have to understand every feature and button of this game,

if you want a game that can make your mind free, then this is just for you. If you still did not try this game, then go and try this amazing game.