Dragon Hills

Dragon Hills: An Endless Runner Game That Offers Something Different


Dragon hills Mod APK is an amazing simulator game. Dragons like to play games, so you will definitely like Dragon hills games.

If you want to make your mark as a professional gamer and you wish to become a dragon trainer, then this article will be beneficial for you, so this Dragon hills Mod App 2021 is made for you.

In this you get the best features, in which the dragons build the city, update their dragon in advanced ways and train them in their new better way so that they become more powerful and make them ready to fight with other dragon masters.

At the beginning of the Dragon hills Mod APK you get a baby dragon, and you have to raise the child who, later on, builds the big dragon. He is trained to be a powerful monster.

We will provide you simple guidance to play Dragon hills game. We know that this question has definitely come in your mind, At the start of the game, you are given a small dragon, your objective in the game is to raise the dragon, feed it and give it training to battle with the army of other dragons.


Introducing Dragon Hills


Dragons like to play games, so you will definitely like Dragon hills games. It has the ability to convert regular lizards into giant’s ones and can be proud of the work. In this, you have to build your own civilization, and the lizards have to follow your will.

First things first you have to unlock the city’s castle which will be very simple. And as the legend goes, if a warrior learns to be a fine administrator, he will be given one magical golden dragon, a real glorious dragon.

And the only way is to get one is by killing monsters. Dragon hill is a game with an exciting storyline. Here, you are a wizard and you are in charge of a wonderful city. To accomplish your goals, you have to choose your skills and weaknesses and practice them to keep a balance.

As we know, in order to feed and breed the dragon, the game must contain food and sleep. It requires coins and jewels. We will provide you all this for free in the latest version of Dragon hills Mod APK. With unlimited money, you can buy many things for your dragon. By downloading the Dragon hills Mod APK, you can unlock it from the shop or through the reproduction process. Once unlocked you can create your own legendary Dragon Eater.

Features Of Dragon Hills Mod

In the Dragon hills Mod Game, you get a chance to see many types of features. The Dragon hills game is full of impressive features, which will improve your battle with other Dragon Masters. Features found in it –

  • Free Gems

in Dragon hills Mod APK you get gold as well as gems, which act like gems in the game. It is used to review your dragon in the middle of battle. Along with this, you can also use Free Gems to connect the building in Dragon hills and unlock some magical dragons. In addition, some closed dragons can only be freed using Gems.

  • Unlimited Gold

This is the most important feature in Dragon hills Mod APK, in which you get unlimited gold. You do not have to cross any kind of game level to achieve this. It will get unlimited gold, which will be used to use the unlocked features in the game. You can use this gold to buy various resources. Gold plays an important role in creating the Golden Dragon hills, so you will need it.

  • 100s Of Dragons

By downloading Dragon hills Mod APK you get more than 100 types of dragons, which are capable of fighting with 80M + Dragon Masters. All these 100 dragons can be used according to the state of war.

Dragon hills Mod APK Version you get unlimited food, which you can use to raise your dragon. If you download it in the usual way, you do not get unlimited foods in it. But with the mod version you get all this easily.


What you need to know about the game


Dragon Hills Mod APK: There are many versions of this game. Players have to pay some money if they want to play without ads Players have to pay some money if they want to play without ads Version 1 APK has a free version too, but the ad has to be removed if you want to play without ads How to install Dragon Hills Mod APK?

Step 1: First of all, go to google play store of your smartphone

Step 2: Search and select the Dragon Hills Mod APK.

Step 3: Tap on the Install button.

Step 4: After the download is finished, tap on the Install button to finish the installation. Dragon Hills Mod Apk is freemium for Android. Therefore, players have to pay a few seconds to play the game.

How to download it for your Android device


Download the Dragon Hills APK from the Google Play store. Install the downloaded APK on your Android device. Which you do not need to unlock, with the help of new arenas, you can take your dragons in the game in a better way. Today there are many players who regularly play Dragon hills, who need new arenas.


Why should you play?


It’s a simple game – Many ideas – Mod APK – Controls are very simple – Get to know more about the game – Be at the table with the gaming world Download Dragon Hills: An Endless Runner Game That Offers Something Different Million Drops Normally $1.99. A million Drops is the game where your goal is to shoot as many balls into the net as possible in time.

Each day when you wake up, you’ll get a new location where you can earn more balls. Every enemy in each map has a little bit different strategy to stop you from getting to the goal.



Sometimes you need small to big dragons to win your game. A dragon can contain more than one element, which helps you fight with higher players. Get Unlimited Foods To grow a dragon you need to eat the most.

Unlock New Arenas in Dragon hills game you get many types of arenas in your city, which you have to unlock for yourself. If you play the game with its mod version, you get new arenas unlocked in it.

Learning how to develop android games is actually an easy process, if you like playing games and want to make them by yourself, then you should make yourself an android game creator. You can learn from here.




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