How to Play Xbox One Games on PC [with BONUS]

You love to play games on PC but few games are only available for Xbox One. Now you are wondering, can you play xbox one games on PC? Answer is YES. Read the complete article to get the latest working trick.

The console gaming is on the way of vanishing PC and mobile games, if you think so, you are not right at all. The console games just added extra-spicy experience in the gaming industry, which is leading to increasing the market of Xbox, Play station, Nintendo and stadia.

Xbox, which currently leads the gaming market, is ready to stream and play its games on the Windows 10 PC. Simply it means, you can now play the Xbox one games on the PC or tablet running Windows 10 on it. The great work by Microsoft by bringing in Xbox Play-Anywhere is helping them a lot increasing their audience and play games on PC almost effortlessly.

how to play xbox one games on pc


If you also own an Xbox one console but prefer to play games on PC more than console then the question much be raised in your mind, how to play Xbox one games on PC, right? With this amazing guide, you will get proper knowledge about configuring the connection between Xbox and PC without any problem.

Bring up your chips and snacks and get ready for the tour we are taking you off soon. Set up your internet connection and follow the instruction carefully, here we go!

How to Play Xbox One Games on PC

Streaming helps you to resume from where you left off the game on the Xbox one, even when your PC is in use by your family of turned off. But now, streaming is not important at all as all your data will sync with your console from the Windows 10 PC games. Play as much as time you want on the PC and even after you leave it in the middle, all the progress will be sent to the Xbox.

First- Download Games on Windows 10 PC

How to Play Xbox One Games on PC

Playing Xbox one games on PC is as simple as peeling the onions. You just need some configuration along with patience, and you will be all set. First, log in your PC with the same account you have on Xbox One. Open the start menu and choose “All apps” where you can check the games that you are going to play. Probably most of the games may have already been downloaded on your PC, but in case, if your favorite one is not in the list, head towards the Microsoft Store, navigate to Windows tab and search in it. Read the game details for more information whether it is available for both Xbox One and PC or not.

Make Sure System is Updated

Windows Update to Play games

It is necessary to make sure that your Windows 10 PC and Xbox one is up to date. You can manually check for it by searching “Check for updates” in the search bar or simply click on the start button and click on gear icon at lower left corner. Now click on ‘updates and security’ and update your system if available any.

In the case of Xbox one, it is not necessary to check for updates as it automatically updates whenever it comes in internet connection.

Enable Game Streaming in Xbox One

Can you play xbox one games on pc

The important step comes here to enable game streaming. Though it is not necessary, it wouldn’t take any charge. By default, this option is enabled already but check once as it does not take your whole day. Follow the steps given below –

  • Go to settings -> Preference
  • Enable ‘Allow game streaming to other devices’
  • Finish

Connecting PC to Your Xbox One

Download the Xbox console Companion app‘ which is most important to control connection between your Xbox and PC.

Make sure that your gamer tag matches exactly as of your Xbox one and select the ‘connection’ from the bottom left side. You should see an icon showing an Xbox One from which the waves are bouncing. Connect your console from the new screen by clicking on ‘add device’.

Connecting Controller to Your PC

Can you play xbox one games on pc

The first step before diving into streaming is to check whether your controllers are connected your PC properly or not. You have multiple options to connect the controllers with PC. Either connect your Xbox one controller to PC by micro USB or type-A cable or simply you can use wireless adapters. Connect your controllers to PC and head towards to next and final step.

BONUS: Let’s fall into it, Time to Stream

Till now, you have been doing it pretty well and you are now all set to stream your Xbox One games on PC. It’s time to enjoy now, fold up your sleeves, gather snacks and bang it.

how to stream xbox one games on Pc

While streaming on PC, you will probably see a bunch of options at the top in the toolbar from where you can control stream quality, microphone status etc. Streaming quality is recommended to set as per your PC configuration, though set as a medium by default.


We hope you find our article helpful. After finding lots of problems by Xbox One users, we decided to make a simple guide which will help everyone. After reading our guide, we bet you will never search for ‘how to play Xbox One games on PC’ on the internet anymore. Still, if you face any trouble while configuring Xbox One and PC then drop a comment down below. We will try to get into it as soon as possible. Till then, stay tuned with Gamense for the latest game reviews and news.

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