Adobe Lightroom CC v6.2.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked

Lightroom Mod APK


Lightroom is the best photo editing app available in the play store. In the play store there are more photo editing apps but Lightroom is the best app for editing purposes. This app developed by a giant company using this app provides everything that you want. Lightroom app downloaded more than 100 million of people using this app for editing his picture and every user satisfied this app. He has a best rating in the play store if you want to know why it is rated you will have to read the review. If you want to take your photography to the next level you will have to use LightRoom Mod Apk latest version 2021 Premium and I want to share with you the best photo editing app using this app you can make your photo extremely great and wonderful. Take your images towards the next level with Lightroom Premium! Today I am going to tell you about one of the best photo editing apps that will make your images look absolutely great.


LightRoom Hack Version


This is one such app that will improve the illumination of your photographs. Is it not true that not everybody can afford a computer? But why be worried when you have all you need on your Android device? (Lightroom Mod APK). This is, without a question, the best photo editing software available. So, without any further ado, let’s just get this party underway. Lightroom Mod Apk is the app i’m talking about. This app has a lot of features that you didn’t believe in other games. The best thing about this app is that it was created by Adobe, which, as the name implies, has already covered a significant part of the market when it comes to editing.

Adobe has it all, whether this is pictures or images. Adobe Lightroom Pro is a touch screen Adobe application. This Lightroom Pro Apk not only allows users to edit your photos with many of its tools, but it also allows you to capture your favorite times and share them in HD quality.


App Name Adobe Lightroom
Version v6.2.0
Size 81MB Size 81MB
Category Photography
Requires Android 5.0 and up
License Premium Activated
Developer Adobe
Update 23 August 2020

Why is Lightroom Mod APK is Important?


In the market we have a more editing app but have a question: why do I take a Lightroom Pro? So, let me offer you a more comprehensive reply. I know there are lots of photo editing apps on the market, but Lightroom Pro has features that the other apps don’t really have, such as shadow twitching, which allows you to play around with shadows and make them bright or dark, heavy or light based on your preferences. It also has a huge number of colour gradients, which is Lightroom Pro’s best feature.


Feature Of Lightroom Mod APK


Editing feature


It has simplified one-tap presets from a range of ranges to edit images in seconds, spanning from simple to powerful advanced modifications and corrections. This app makes it easy to change the colour of a picture, as well as the exposure, contrast, and sound. Copy your preferred edits via images to easily edit huge albums and achieve reliable results.


Capture feature


With Adobe Lightroom CC Pro’s capture mode, you’ll never miss a shot and get the highest possible results from your phone’s camera.It also enhances the screen brightness of your phone. Lightroom Captures gives you more creative control with the raw DNG format. Its high level (HDR) mode reliably replicates the scene by consuming the brightest to the darkest tones. Apply Adobe Photoshop magic with five incredible settings that allow you seeing the effect in live time while the picture is being taken and finish it later. It also has a cool function, namely, semi editing, which allows you to return to your main image from the presets if you don’t want to.



Lightroom is the best offer completely free using this feature you can protect your eyes. If when you use Lightroom Mod APK you have a backup original image and use the photo whenever you need them.




Organize images and manage them through tools including star ratings and flags. It has a basic search function. It uses machine learning to automatically tag the images based as to what is inside them and in which they were taken, i.e. the situation and circumstances.




Lightroom Mod APK provide sharing option using sharing you can share your photo in the social platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more social platforms. This app allows you to display your gallery online.


Important Point


  • Import problem of images is solved.
  • Lightroom Mod APK don’t need to login in the App just press the “X” button on the left corner of the screen.
  • The best Adobe ID function works on the 5.1 version.


Premium Feature Of Lightroom MOD APK


  • Automatically Add photos in Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Add Geometry tab in upright and slide feature.
  • Show your picture online with any editing.
  • Simple google search: auto-detection of membership fees on the photo’s circumstance.
  •  Lightroom provides Backup your photo on Adobe Creative.
  • You can add your custom watermark in your image.
  • No ads.

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Lightroom APK good?


One of the best photo editing apps available is Adobe Lightroom. It could be used to edit a large number of photos.


Adobe Lightroom MOD APK is mobile free?


Yes, it’s totally free to use. Although the Adobe cloud premium version, that costs $9.99 a month, is still accessible.


Professionally photography use Lightroom MOD APK


Yes, most of them hire presets.

However, if no presets are available that produce their desired result, they should edit manually.





I hope I’ve provided you all of the information you were looking for about Lightroom Pro. It is actually one of the top Android editing apps available. As you’ll see in the list above, it has a lot of features that are only available in Lightroom. Even so, reading about it is inadequate. To truly enjoy its brilliance, you first must download and use it on Gamense .


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