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Monster hunter world

MHW (Monster Huneter World) is an action role-playing game coming from the portfolio of Capcom which has developed many popular games like street fighters, on January 2018 it was officially released for XBOX and PS4, and later on August 2018 for windows. If we talk about gameplay then your character is a hunter or playing the role of a hunter, and your main objective is to knock down and either kill or trap monsters that roam around in several environmental places. After a successful hunt, you’ll be awarded loot that consists of parts from monsters that are used to craft weapons and armor. The game’s core loop has the player crafting appropriate gear to be able to hunt down more difficult monsters, which in turn provide parts that lead to more powerful gear. You will get an option to hunt alone or in a group of up to four players or friends via the game’s online multiplayer mode.

We have divided this whole article in a different section, first, we will tell give you a brief description about the game then we will talk about monster hunter world layered armor and then we will see how to get an mhw layered armor and in last we will give an mhw layered armor list.

Game Description

Monster hunter world

Monster Hunter World is about learning. Learning the intricacies of your favorite weapon, learning the particular behaviors of the gigantic and wondrous beasts you’re tasked with taking down and learning about the sprawling world it all takes place in. There is a lot to take in, but rather than assault you all at once, Monster Hunter: World implements a considered approach. The game slowly ramps up in complexity while making sure you have more than enough to keep you occupied. Yet despite the never-ending push toward further progress, Monster Hunter: World wraps its upward climb for better gear in a delightfully charismatic outer layer.

The consistent jovial vibe creates an adventurous and motivating atmosphere where it feels thrilling to hunt even dozens of hours in. Nothing is more emphasized than the various locales where almost everything takes place, and it soon becomes clear why. The first of these areas is the Ancient Forest, a lush and layered environment where you leap across chasms on hanging vines and ascend to the top of a peak while carefully avoiding or fiercely engaging creatures of all shapes and sizes along the way.

It’s far easier to appreciate such surroundings because of how well World keeps things moving along. Mining ore, for instance, no longer requires breakable pickaxes in your inventory. You can mine freely for however many nodes of ore are found out in the wild. Even better, you can track just about anything after uncovering it. Honey for a mega potion or an herb for an antidote can be easily identified on the map. Then, all that’s required is putting a pin on it from within the map and following the glowing trail that appears.

Getting together with friends is also flexible, whether that’s done before the mission or by firing an SOS flare in the thick of a fight you need more aid than previously thought. These are just a few minor examples of how the World aggressively streamlines almost every aspect of the traditional Monster Hunter flow. Initially, it’s easy to fear that such an aggressive approach would make the game too procedural. As if in an effort to welcome new players, Monster Hunter would become almost allergic to its own complexities, eliminating much of the mystery that can make the series so enthralling in the first place.

In reality, it’s exactly the opposite. There is an abundance of things to discover, yet practically all of those things are immediately exciting rather than simply a step in a much more convoluted process that eventually has a significant payoff. The design of Monster Hunter: world is so carefully thought out and so efficient at pulling you in that there is no barrier of entry for enjoying it. Whether you’ve been hunting since the series began and can identify every single change or are jumping in for the very time, both sides will be able to enjoy a game that feels as though it has the differing audiences in mind without ever catering too hard to either one.

What Is Monster Hunter World Layered Armor

MHW layered armor list

Monster hunter world layered armor is special armor in (MHW) that only changes your appearance without effecting your equipped armor intact. Once you have some layered armor, there are several ways to wear a monster hunter world layered armor. If you are thinking that how to get an mhw layered armor inside the game then the next section is for you.

How To Get MHW Layered Armor

You unlock the ability to equip each of the below mentioned mhw layered armor sets at the Smithy by defeating the respective monsters. For example, to have the Anja gear you’ll have to kill an Anjanath and to equip the Jagras gear you have to knock down and defeat a Great Jagras. Different items can be mixed from different gear sets, so you could have an Anja Helm, with Jyura Mail, Barroth Vambraces, Chainmail Belt, and Alloy Greaves.

If we talk in general then for getting a specific mhw layered armor you have to kill the specific monster related to that layered armor.

MHW Layered Armor List

MHW Layered Armor List

There are a number of mhw layered armor available inside the game and here we are giving you the entire mhw layered armor list which you can craft inside the game.

Samurai To unlock must have Deluxe Edition
Bushido “Sabi” To unlock must obtain “Bushido Tickets” to get “Bushido Tickets” guaranteed to get one every Kulve Taroth Siege
Bushido “Homare” obtained the same way as Bushido “Sabi”
Brigade Obtain by getting “Hunter King Coin”
Blossom Obtain by delivering a Kirin Ticket (Defeat AT Kirin to get a ticket)
Wiggler Head Obtain the same as Sealed Eye Patch
Bayek Deliver Senu’s Feather
Kulu-Ya-Ku Head Armor Deliver both Faux Ticker III and Kulu-Ya-Ku Ticket.
Beetle Armor Deliver both Beetle Ticket and Great Horn Fly
Gala Suit Appreciation Festival Specific event
Skull Mask Deliver both Faux Ticker III and Unknown Skull.
Harvest Autumn Harvest Festival specific event
Most wine Mask Obtain by delivering Faux Ticket
Faux Felyne obtained the same way as Mosswine Mask Layered Armor
Death Stench Obtain by delivering Vaal Hazak Ticket (Defeat AT Vaal Hazak to get a ticket)
Diver Summer Twilight specific event
Shadow Shades Summer Twilight specific event
Butterfly Summer Insect Field Guide ticket Obtain by doing an arena quest with Gajalakas
Dante Obtain by delivering Teostra ticket (Defeat AT Teostra to get ticket)
Drachen Defeat Extreme Behemoth
Guild Cross Obtain by delivering Kushala Ticket (Defeat AT Kushala to get ticket)
Sakura Obtain by delivering Lunastra Ticket and SFV Ticket II (Defeat AT Lunastra to get ticket)
Origin Obtain by delivering Zorah Magdaros Ticket (Defeat AT Zorah to get ticket)
Aloy Obtain by delivering Aloy ticket and Nora Brave Trophy (Pretty sure its that double temp Devil Jho event quest)(PS4 EXCLUSIVE)
Commission Obtain by delivering Xeno’jiva Ticket (Defeat AT Xeno to get a ticket)
Orion Winter Star specific event
Sealed Eye Patch Obtain by delivering Faux Ticket II

This mhw layered armor list keeps on updating whenever a new game update is released

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn

MHW Layered Armor List

In late 2018, Capcom announced a major expansion of Monster Hunter: World as “Iceborne,” which was released on September 6, 2019, for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users, and is expected to launch on Windows in January 2020. According to the update, new hunting areas, missions and monsters are going to be added by “Iceborn” followed by a new story content that will take place after World events, at an estimated size similar to the past expansions they have added to previous titles. Limited time beta access to Iceborne content (which does not require the global base game) was made available to PlayStation 4 owners in June 2019.  Iceborne is the only Important expansion planned for Monster Hunter: World, as it will complete the game’s history, according to the sources the “Iceborn” is going to compatible with all the free content available to download.


In this article, we have talked about Monster hunter word game and covered some of the most important topics that are mhw layered armor, mhw layered armor list, etc. this is not just a role-playing game but it includes a lot of adventure and survival. If you love action and adventure and if you are planning to play this one then just go for it, we highly recommend this game to our readers.

We have covered all the important topics but if you still think that we have missed something then you can comment down below, we are happy to hear from you. You Can check more games, guides, top 10 list, reviews and much more.



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