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MX Player Apk Download Latest Version

MX Player Apk + Pro Apk Download Latest Version

Are you tired of using media players that lack essential features or glitch frequently? If yes, then it’s time to switch to MX Player. It is a popular video player app that has won the hearts of millions with its impressive capabilities and user-friendly interface. Whether you want to watch movies, TV shows or listen to music, MX Player has got your back. And if you’re looking for more advanced features like ad-free streaming and enhanced video quality, then MX Player Pro Apk and Mod Apk are the perfect solution for you! In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything about MX Player, including how to download it on your device and some useful alternatives. So let’s get started!

What is MX Player?

MX Player is a popular media player app available for Android and iOS devices. It was developed by J2 Interactive, which is known for creating some of the best video players in the market. One of the most unique features that make MX Player stand out from other media players is its extensive codec support.

With over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store, MX Player has become one of the most reliable apps for playing audio and video files. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through different options like subtitles, playback speed and more.

MX Player also offers gesture control and allows users to customize their viewing experience with different themes. Whether you’re watching a movie or listening to music, MX Player ensures smooth streaming without any buffering issues.

If you’re looking for a feature-packed media player app that provides excellent performance and an intuitive interface, then MX Player should be your go-to choice!

Features of MX Player

MX Player is a popular media player app for Android devices that has gained immense popularity in recent years. It offers a wide range of features and customization options to its users, making it one of the best media players available in the market.

One of the most notable features of MX Player is its ability to play almost every type of video format without any hassle. From MP4 to AVI, MKV to FLV – you name it, and MX Player can play it seamlessly.

MX Player also comes with gesture controls that allow you to control playback by swiping up or down on the screen. Additionally, there are several customizable settings like playback speed control, subtitle sync adjustment, and audio boost feature, among others.

Another standout feature offered by MX Player is its support for multiple subtitle formats such as SRT, ASS/SSA and more. This makes watching foreign language movies or TV shows a breeze as users can easily download subtitles from various online sources within the app itself.

MX Player’s rich set of features make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality media player that can handle all types of video files while offering plenty of customization options at their fingertips.

How to download and install MX Player

Downloading and installing MX Player is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few minutes. To get started, head to the Google Play Store or any other trusted APK website and search for “MX Player.” Click on the download button, and the app will automatically start downloading.

Once downloaded, click on the APK file to begin installation. If your device has security settings enabled preventing installations from unknown sources, you’ll need to disable them before proceeding with the installation process.

After disabling security settings, click on Install and wait for it to complete. Once installed successfully, open up MX Player from your app drawer or home screen.

It’s important always to ensure you’re downloading apps from trusted sites as some third-party websites might have malware-infected versions of MX Player available for download. Always double-check before clicking download buttons and avoid downloading anything suspicious-looking.

Pros and Cons of MX Player

MX Player is a popular video player app that provides users with a wide range of features and benefits. However, like any other app, it also has its own set of pros and cons.

One of the main advantages of MX Player is its ability to support a variety of video formats including popular ones such as MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. It also supports subtitles in different languages which can be very helpful for users who watch foreign movies or shows.

MX Player’s user interface is another pro as it is simple yet effective. Users can easily navigate through the menus and access different settings without any hassle. The app also offers advanced features like playback speed control and equalizer which provide an enhanced viewing experience.

However, one downside to MX Player is that some features are only available in the Pro version which requires payment. Additionally, there have been complaints from users about ads appearing frequently within the app despite being annoying.

While there are some drawbacks to using MX Player such as ads and limited free features compared to the paid version; its functionality, ease-of-use and compatibility make it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable video player on their mobile device.

Alternatives to MX Player

If you’re not a fan of MX Player or simply looking for other options, there are several alternatives that you can try. Here are some of the best video players similar to MX Player:

VLC Media Player: VLC is one of the most popular media players out there and for good reason. It’s free, open-source, and supports almost every media format available.

KMPlayer: This player has been around for over a decade and offers support for both audio and video playback. It also carries advanced features like 3D Video playback, HD upscaling, and subtitle customization.

PotPlayer: Another great alternative with its own unique set of features including seamless playback across multiple devices through FTP server connection.

GOM Player: GOM player prides itself on being able to handle broken AVI files which often cannot be played by other media players.

All these apps offer their own unique features that make them stand out from each other but at their core they all offer high-quality video playback experience which is important when choosing your next media player app.


After exploring the features, pros and cons of MX Player, it’s clear that this video player has a lot to offer. Its ability to play almost any video format is impressive and its customizable settings make it user-friendly for all types of users. Whether you’re watching movies or listening to music, MX Player provides an immersive experience with its advanced hardware acceleration and subtitle options.

However, if you are looking for alternative players, there are plenty of other reliable options available in the market such as VLC Media Player and KMPlayer. Each offers unique features and benefits depending on your specific needs.

MX Player is still one of the top choices when it comes to video players due to its range of functions and ease-of-use. Whether you opt for the free version or upgrade to the pro version with added features like ad-free streaming and more customization options, MX Player delivers a high-quality viewing experience that won’t disappoint.



1. Is MX Player safe to use?

Yes, MX Player is completely safe to use and download from the official website or app store.

2. Can I get MX Player Pro Apk for free?

No, you cannot get the pro version of MX player for free as it is a paid version that offers additional features.

3. What are some alternatives to MX Player?

Some popular alternatives include VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, and GOM Player.

4. How do I update my MX player apk?

You can easily update your MX player apk by going to the app store on your device and checking if there’s an available update for the app.

5. Does the modded version of MX player have all features of the pro version?

No, although modded versions may offer some additional features compared to the regular APK file, they are not equivalent to or as reliable as the original Pro version.

It’s clear that whether you choose to go with just the basic APK file or opt for more advanced options like Pro or Mod versions, downloading and installing an application like MX Player can greatly enhance your media viewing experience on mobile devices. With its variety of playback customization options and user-friendly interface design, this video player has become a top choice among many Android users worldwide!


Mx Player

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Download 500,000,000+
Size 40 MB
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