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We all are very straightly in love with videos  and movies for our entertainment and Some  of us are even addicted towards them. So ,  In order to get the best versions of the  videos or the movies we used many of the  video players and One of them which really  make a place in everyone’s mind for their  android phone is MX Player apk which is  one of the best video player for android  users. MX player Apk  EXE is the video player for  the android devices which have the  capability to show their ability better than  the other video player like VLC and all. Like  there are so many video players present  over the Google play store but MX player Apk is the one which have the maximum number  of downloads as it is the most appropriate  mx player for the android devices.


About MX Players Apk

It is totally free of cost , easy to use and it  cannot take much place in the devices which  means it is small in size. MXPlayer Apk is now  streaming the online videos and web series which really makes it more interesting than  the others. It is increasing its capabilities  and really enhancing its ability to make a  place in everyone’s mind and in their  android devices. Some of us already asked  for the PC version of the mx player apk So , I  am going to introduce you all that version of  mx player which you can run in your  personal computer or laptop which is having  any window operating system.


Mx Player

App Name MX Player
Download 500,000,000+
Size 40 MB
Author MX Media



Latest Updates of MX Player Pro Apk

• We can’t deny the fact that MX player Pro Apk  is the  best media player application among all the  media players over the Google play store for  android but Some of us don’t know that MX  player can be run on the personal computer  and laptops too. Here I will tell about the method to run MX player for windows xp ,  MX player for windows 7,8 & 10.

• As we all know there is no MX player for  windows pc or laptops and we also know  that there is no media player of this level in  the market So , In order to get it on PC’s or  laptop there is a procedure which is given  below and has to be followed. But before  that let me tell you the amazing features of  mx player app in Android .

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FEATURES OF MX Player Pro Mod Apk

If we talk about the features of MX Player Pro Mod Apk For Window   then we all know that this is totally free  application over the Google play store. It is very easy to use with a facility of having  small size which means this will not take  much space in your device.

• Easy to use : Anyone can operate it easily as n it is fast and doesn’t buffer.

• Small in Size : This application is very small  in size and will not take much space of your  device.

• Online Video Streaming facility : After its  best upgrade , this is now also a online  video streaming app which means you can  watch most of the videos , web series and  movies online on this app with the same , media player.

• Free of cost : This is totally free application over the Google play store.

• No root : This doesn’t want any root to be  run on your device.

• Ads Free in nature : This can be seen in  most of the media player that the ads may  interrupt in between the entertainment but  this is totally ad free application which  means entertainment without disturbance.



We are aware about the fact that MX player Pro  is only for the android user but I am here to  introduce MX player for pc without  bluestacks . There is some procedure to run  it on your personal computer or laptop So,  follow it carefully.

• First you have to download the best  emulator which you can get from the link  given below.

• After choosing the best emulator ,  download it in your personal computer or  laptop and run it smoothly as they are  smooth and best of our knowledge.

• Open the emulator and enter in Google play  store by the emulator application as it will  help you to run MX player in your personal

Search for MX player and download it on  your device ( computer or laptop ). It is  compatible with all the windows whether it  windows xp , windows 7 , windows 8 and  windows 10 and can be run easily.

• After the download will complete you can  use mx player for pc softonic without any  charge and problem.

Mod Apk File MX Player Apk

Final Thought

MX player is the best media playing  application over the Google play store for  the android users as it is media player with  the online video streaming facility which
makes it different and more exciting from  the others. It really played a very vital role in m our devices as it is very easy to operate without taking much space in our device. It doesn’t have any lack by which we can rate  it less than any other media player one of the Best App .

If you really want to enjoy the videos  without any interruption and ads , you must  use this application and if you want it on  your personal computer then there is
procedure to download it for your pc which  is already given above . So , do download  this application and enjoy the world of  streamed videos , web series and movies  and even enjoy the videos which you have  already downloaded to your device. This is  the best online as well as offline media  player over the internet with Gamense .

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