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One can also play the game on PC by simply downloading LD Player which is a free Android emulator to play Mobile games & Apps on PC. After this complete the installation of LDPlayer on your desktop and then launch the LDPlayer. Search Standoff 2 on the search bar. Once you find the game in the search bar just click on it and install the game from LD Store (Or Google Play store). After installation completes, click the game icon to start the game and enjoy playing Standoff 2 on your PC with LDPlayer.


Standoff 2 Apk ” was launched on July 19, 2017.

It is an action game developed by AXLE BOLT. Its previous version was “Standoff”. Now the legendary “Standoff” is back in the form of a dynamic first-person shooter!

New maps, new types of weapons, new game modes are waiting for you in this incredible action game, where terrorists and special forces going to engage the battle not for life, but to death which is full of attraction.

Standoff 2 Mod Apk  is a multiplayer, Counter-Strike style First Person Shooter (FPS) in which two teams face off inside relatively small settings. All the maps are based on Counter-Strike maps, such as Dust 2 or Italy, but at a reduced size that makes the game experience much more frantic. It is categorized as an action game that is available on the play store for free. There is no charge for downloading Standoff 2. One can download the game simply by going to the play store and clicking on install. At present, it requires the storage of 896 MB(Megabytes) in the phone memory for installation. Till now 5+ crores download has been done with a positive rating of 4.5/5.

It has a good graphic structure as it gives much clarity for the player to view the enemy and also while playing it gives pleasure.


The PC view gives a much more real experiencing of this game. Few people think that Standoff is a Chinese game but Standoff Multiplayer (previously titled Active Shooter) is a first-person shooter video game developed by Russian video game developer Anton Makarevskiy and publisher Ata Berdyev, working under the names Revived Games and Acid Publishing Group. The game is highly modernized in terms of graphics and contains many innovations such as weapons, maps, game modes with several more features in it.

When we talk about more features about StandOff 2, it has features like if you wanted to play custom matches in standoff 2, then you can. There is a dedicated section for making custom lobbies and playing with friends which makes it much more interesting. According to the player’s review, we find that The Golden Karambit is the most valuable knife finish used in this game.

It has aim assisting features as Aimbot mods allow the player to automatically aim and shoot and allowing players to get a lot of kills, headshots, and winning matches more easily also allowing players to farm money and XP a lot faster.

Players usually purchase Gold. As gold is the premium currency of Standoff 2 and can only be earned by purchasing it for real money or selling items in the Marketplace. It can also be used to buy items from the Marketplace and buy premium skin cases that give different skin as a comparison to other players. Overall it has a good gaming experience as a comparison to other games which are available free on the play store. So, one can go for it and play. But yes addiction to anything can pathetically harm a person try not to get addicted to anything. Just play in your leisure time and make your mood fresh Gamense .

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