Here we have listed Witcher 3 Interactive Map with complete details. Each Witcher 3 Map is very essential to progress the game. Witcher 3: Wild Hunt World You’ll notice that The Witcher 3’s world isn’t just one big map; it’s actually broken into two witcher 3 maps: a smaller Prologue map and the larger Northern Realm. There is also an archipelago destination that you can visit only by boat. Traveling to this location is one of the few instances in The Witcher 3 where you’ll encounter a loading screen.Prologue map now! It wasn’t as good as Velen on the main Witcher 3 map, but it was still wide enough to surprise. The Witcher 3 Interactive map is too wide & the sea is too wide This Witcher 3, anyway, the map is vast. It’s good to be wide, and the sprinting speed of running through the field with horses is…

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