Robot Entertainment


Robot Entertainment Robot Entertainment overview Robot entertainment is one of the biggest and famous video game development company which was founded by the co-founder of Ensemble Studio, Tony Goodman. The robot entertainment was developed in 2009 and is situated at downtown Dallas. The company was maintaining and updating the Halo wars until 2010. The famous games like Orcs must Die, Orcs must die 2 and ReadySet Heroes and couple more. These games were at the top of the gaming industry when released. Unfortunately because of some reasons, robot entertainment had to shut down their servers of Orcs must die and some other too. also read: Ryse Son of Rome History of Robot Entertainment In 2009, the Robot entertainment announced about the new game called the Age of Empires online. Later in 2011, it handed over the development of game to Wargaming Seattle formerly known as Gas powered games. In 2011,…

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