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Top 10 Awesome Games like Dragon Age


If you loves playing dragon age and looking for similar games like dragon age, then just check out our beautiful list of addictive dragon based games.

With full of fantasy, RPG, great storyline, multiple endings and awesome gameplay, you can’t ignore the dragon age. It is basically the role-playing game where you can replay the game unlimited times and each time you play with different ways and decision and you get the unique outcome every time. The dragon age is the series of games that is created by Canadian video game developer BioWare.

There are bunch of games like dragon age you will find on the internet, but dragon age is at its top. Many games, sequels and expansion packs has been released by the BioWare in order to enhance the gameplay. If you are diehard fan of dragon age but looking for similar games like dragon age then we have listed out top 10 games like dragon age here that you should not ignore. Some of them are really relates to dragon age whereas some of them are slightly differ but have similar aspects. If you are a real dragon age fan then you must try each of following game that we have listed below.

Similar Games like Dragon Age

The very first game in our list is the SkyRim. With full of action, SkyRim provides you action role playing gaming experience. The game was developed by Bethesda gaming studio. The SkyRim is actually series of games under which different games you will find which are too addictive and full of actions and interesting story lines. The open world and ginormous approach easily catch any gamer’s heart. SkyRim is filled with great storylines, maps and missions to play. Well-loved game by the gamers which has huge amount of fan base can easily win your heart.
Available on: Microsoft windows, PlayStation, Xbox.

The Witcher

Another one of the best games like dragon age, the witcher is the series of games that is based on Eastern European novels about Geralt – a magically gifted amnesiac monster hunter for hire. The witcher is great story driven game that you will love to. Based on awesome graphics and gameplay, the witcher game comes up with open world map and full of fantasy. You can give try to witcher 2: assassins of kings that was released in 2011 or the witcher 3: wild hunt that was released in 2015. Both are similar in some manner having different gameplay experience. So, you could enjoy with any of witcher game in the series.
Available on: PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft windows

Horizon Zero Dawn

Another one of the best games like dragon age is the Horizon Zero dawn. With full of action and awesome gameplay makes it perfect in order to be same as dragon age. The horizon zero dawn is open world with role playing characters and spices of action, you play the role of ‘Aloy’ the game. Aloy is the hunter and she wants the open up the mysteries in the world. You play with weapons, strategies and skills in order to survive and move around the world.
Available on: PlayStation 4, Xbox and Microsoft windows


The fable is awesome RPG game of series with lots of action, open world maps and great storylines. It is similar game like dragon age with pretty graphics and gameplay. The series consist of many different games but if you love to enjoy lots of content and awesome fantasy, characters then you should go for fable 3. The graphics is highly improved in the fable 3 than previous generation of games. Giving try to fable 3 will defiantly make your time enjoyable.
Available on: Microsoft windows, Xbox

Fantasy Life

It is another interesting games like dragon age that relates with it in different manner. As name suggest, you get lots of choices and open world experience in the game. You basically play the role of characters in the game. The simulation takes you into different available characters that you can choose like blacksmith, magician, hunter, miner etc. and jump into the gaming world. You have freedom to do anything there, do whatever you want and enjoy your life. You can play along with other online players, you can make new friends and interact with them. The fantasy life game offers few similar aspects to dragon age and can change your gaming experience.
Available on: Microsoft window, PlayStation, Nintendo

Dragon Age: Origins

In the list of games like dragon age, we can’t ignore the dragon age: origins, the game in the series itself. The dragon age: origins was the first ever game made by the BioWare. The game is with full of action and epic combat in the open world game. You play the game in order to rescue to world from the disaster and overcome many challenges like defeating enemies like giant spiders, walking trees, ghosts etc. you can even play with other online players in the game forming the strong team. With all the features and experience that a gamer want is present in the dragon age: origin. So, if you are real gamer then you must not ignore this game.
Available on: PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft windows

Dragon’s Dogma

The dragon’s dogma is also one of the best games like dragon age. The dragon’s dogma is another action role playing game that was developed and published by Capcom gaming company for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2012. The enhanced version named ‘Dark Arisen’ was later released in 2013. The game became available for Microsoft windows and Nintendo switch in 2016 and 2019 respectively. The adventures game will increase your gaming experience while completing missions and raising up your skills in order to survive and awesome combats.
Available on: Xbox one, PlayStation 4, Microsoft windows, Nintendo Switch

Dark Souls

The dark soul took place in our list of games like dragon age due to its high popularity and awesome gameplay. It is the one of best action role playing games with great fantasy and storylines. If you are looking to play latest game with extra new features then you should try Dark soul 3 which is latest in the dark soul series.
Available on: Microsoft windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox


Another great game same like dragon age with awesome open world approach and strategy, was developed by interplay production. You play the game which is being destroyed by nuclear war and you have to rebuild it by collecting resources, combating with other players, exploring new locations. The fallout 4 is the latest game in the fallout series which you can try if are looking for games like dragon age.
Available on: Macintosh, Microsoft windows

The assassin’s creed is another one of the best games like dragon age and originated out of ideas for a sequel for prince of Persia: the sands of time. The overdose of action in the Assassin’s creed will blow your mind. You play the role of ‘Arno’ in Paris, and discover new things, mysteries and hidden truths and lies. Game allows you to play with friends forming the team and taking more advantage over everything and enjoying the journey.
Available on: Microsoft windows, Consoles


We have listed out the best top 10 games like dragon age that you should not ignore. As told earlier, some of them are closely same to dragon age whereas some of them are not much relates to dragon age but having great experience and similar aspects. All of the games mentioned above are very awesome and will they are value for time if you are a professional gamer in Gemenese ….