Top 10 Games like Subnautica

If you are reading this article, that means you are finding the games like Subnautica and I am damn sure that this is very right place you should be on.  Subnautica is another level of action adventure game with survival genre that was developed and published by Unknown World Entertainment. As name suggest, the gameplay contains all of water surrounding you. Your ship is crashed on another planet called 4546B and you have to now survive.

Games like Subnautica

The game allows you to play single player mode where you have to find new resources to survive and have to face monsters and creatures in order to survive and explore new things. You will be surviving in all aquatic world with first person perspective camera view. We have listed out top 10 best games like Subnautica that will totally blow your mind and are best in their own way. So here we go!!

10 Best Games like Subnautica


games like subnautica

The rust is action survival video game that allows player to play the game in multiplayer mode. The rust is one of best games like Subnautica that defines new genre of gameplay. You have to fight with enemies and have to face dark sides of the game in order to survive. The game is so adventures and because of its awesome gameplay, the Rust gathered huge of number of fan base within very few time. The artificial intelligence gives another flavor to the game that sets the enemies to attack on you.

Game – Rust

Developer – Facepunch Studios

Publisher – Facepunch Studios

Released on – February 2018

Available on – Windows, MacOS, Linux

2. Planet Explorers

games like subnautica

 Another awesome game that describes the action role playing gameplay genre. The game starts with crashing you on the land and takes off you in the future 2087. You acts as wonderer in strange places and you have to explore new things in the future world. You faces many problems and harsh environment in the game. You have to survive there by

collecting resources and tools to build your structures. You can change over the three different modes in the game allowing you to experience awesome gameplay.

Game – Planet Explorers

Developer – Pathea Games

Publisher – Pathea Games

Released on – November 2016

Available on – Windows, MacOS, Linux, Steam

3.The long dark

games like subnautica

The third game comes in our list of games like Subnautica, the long dark, basically is the survival game. The game allows you to play in first person perspective mode. The game starts from crashing your ship on land where the environment is not human friendly. You have to collect all the resources and items that are essential to live in and survive on this environment. The game allows you two modes to play. One is story mode and another one is the sandbox. Enjoy any of them!!

Game – The Long Dark

Developer – Hinterland Studio

Publisher – Hinterland Studio

Released on – August 2017

Available on – Windows, MacOS, Linux, Steam, Xbox, PS4

4.Stranded 2

The stranded is one of the oldest games like Subnautica that is action- adventure game and poses 3D environment. The game allows you to play in the two modes, story mode and sandbox mode. Each of them containing several objectives and lots of content. You play the game alone on the island where you have to gather all the resources and tools that you need to survive there. The game is little bit old but depth of game will keep you engaged for hours or more.

Game – Stranded 2

Developer – Unreal Software

Publisher – Unreal Software

Released on – December 2005

Available on – Windows

5. Miasmata

games like subnautica

The Miasmata is another game in our list which is like Subnautica. The game provides genre almost same as Miasmata in which you have to survive against virus that was spreading around the island. The game contains action-survival environment along with survival and adventures story.  The graphics is good enough as per the release of the game. The game is open world where you explores new things and areas to stop the spreading virus.

Game – Miasmata

Developer – IonFX

Publisher – Devolver Digital

Released on – November 2012

Available on – Windows


games like subnautica

Another one of the best games like Subnautica and totally matches to its gameplay. The Abzu is another aquatic life based game, starts in Deep Ocean. You play the role of a female character in the game and survives in the water with fighting against the creatures that are ready to attack you. The gameplay allow you to play the game single player mode with exploring the aquatic world.  Gather the resources for being alive and survive the water world.

Game – Abzu

Developer – Giant Squid Studios

Publisher – 505 Games

Released on – August 2016

Available on – Windows, PS4, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch

7.Seahorse 3d

One of the best games like Subnautica available for smart phone that is freely available. The seahorse is best alternative to Subnautica that takes off you into the sea life with numerous characters like fish, seahorse, sharks etc. The open world game mainly focus on completing levels by exploring new stuff. The realistic graphics and sound effects will surely catch your mind and will engage you for hours and hours.

Game – Seahorse 3D

Developer – BitBros Inc.

Publisher – BitBros Inc.

Released on – October 2013

Available on – Android, iOS

8.The forest


The forest is as good as other games in our list that are same like Subnautica. The game starts with crashing you somewhere and you have to collect the resources to eat, build, craft and survive in tight situation. In the forest, you chop down all the forest in order to build your fortress to protect yourself and the story changes its mode. 6 men start praying you and one of them throw fist on you. And you have no option other than running for life. That game is much awesome and too much interesting if you play it with your friends.

Game – The forest

Developer – Endnight Games.

Publisher – Endnight Games

Released on – April 2018

Available on – PS4, windows



One of the best games like Subnautica in the world and even better than Subnautica, the ARK is most famous and popular game ever developed. The ARK is action adcenture and survival video game that is widely loved by gamers. The game can be played as either first person perspective or third person perspective. The open world approach of the game adds spicy tests allowing you to use weapons in the gameplay. Though there are lots of bugs and many improvements need in the game, without any doubt it is one of best games like Subnautica.

Game – ARK

Developer – Studio WildCard

Publisher – Studio WildCard

Released on – August 2017

Available on – PS4, windows, Linux, MacOS, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS

10.Space Engineers

games like subnautica

Space Engineers is another game same like Subnautica. It is basically sandbox action –survival based game sets in the space. The game is full of engineering and construction along with exploring the world in the space. The game is very popular and having huge online community. The game is so popular among the gaming community that till now 3.5 million units are sold out and still its fan base is rapidly increasing. Space engineers deserves the place in our list of games like Subnautica due to its awesome gameplay.

Game – Space Engineer

Developer – Keen Software House

Publisher – Keen Software House

Released on – February 2019

Available on – windows, Xbox one

Final words

Started with rust, the list ends up with space engineers. Though all games are best in their own way, we can’t give them particular position in order to rate them. Everyone loves different game so there might be chances to collapse the rating of games and will become little bit hard to sort out them. But according to our own experience, we have listed out all the games that could take place in our list of best games like Subnautica. If you want to suggest any other game that can take place in our list, please let us know in comment section. We will definitely add it in our page. See yaaaa!!

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