Nintendo Switch Games

Top 10 Free Nintendo Switch Games in 2020

In this ultimate list, we have picked 10 best free Nintendo switch games 2020. Bring up your snacks and set up on the couch, because these games will make you addicted to them.

Nintendo Switch has been an all-time favorite of the not only the kids but also grown-ups. I personally like Nintendo switch as I can play my favorite games in and out of the home. This portable console delivers you thousands of the games but unfortunately, not all of them are free in nintendo switch news  .

Best Free Nintendo Switch Games in 2020

Nintendo Switch Games


If you are looking for the free Nintendo Switch games then you are at right place. We have tried to choose some of the best and free Nintendo switch games that you might like to play all day nonstop. The developers want you to make the in-game purchase like coins, skins or upgrade but it totally depends on you whether to spend money or not. Here, we have covered all the games from different genres, so continue to find out some best Nintendo switch games !

Asphalt 9: Legends

asphalt-9 - Best Free Nintendo Switch Games 2020

Asphalt series is the most loved and widely popular racing game in the gaming industry. As there are not many free car racing games available for Nintendo switch, Asphalt 9 Legends can be your best choice. Though, the game is very limited for free edition by the mods, racing and cars. You can buy the starter pack which includes more than enough resources to enjoy sitting at the home.


brawlhalla - Best Free Nintendo Switch Games 2020

Are you super smash bros addicted? If yes then Brawlhalla may steal your heart. This fighting game may one of the best ‘free’ Nintendo switch game which comes with a bunch of features and probably you won’t need to spend any single buck on the gameplay as long as you don’t care about skins. All over, you can enjoy the game without spending a penny.


fortnite nintendo switch

Fortnite is love for many gamers including me too. I am addicted to Fortnite streaming and there are reasons that make me so. Fortnite, a free to play game which is almost available on every console and platforms including PC, Android and it appears to be the same gameplay on all of these platforms. As usual, it is free to play until you make a purchase for the weapons, skins and emotes.


warface - Best Nintendo Switch Games

If you are looking for modern shooting games then warface is the game where you should look for. Until Pubg or CoD confirms to launch on the Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy warface for free. The warface basically tries to take your money from the weapon upgrades, although you have plenty of weapons available for free throughout the game. Don’t spend a single penny if you want are looking for free Nintendo switch games until you fall in love with a particular weapon.

Tetris 99

tetris 99 - top Nintendo Switch Games

Unlike the traditional Tetris, 99 has some plot twist, you have to battle with other 99 players in the game. Score as much as possible and as you make double, triple or Tetris, you can send your opponent to the main menu to restart the game. Tetris 99 is free to download on the Nintendo switch but you need the Nintendo Switch Online membership pass to play it.


warframe - Best Free Nintendo Switch Games

Delivering you the best shooting and action gameplay in the free games category, the warframe comes with heavily loaded AAA content and graphics. Warframe is quite similar to Destiny 2 where you have to choose the character and take control of more than 30 wireframes. Play as much as you can and unlock the rewards, weapons and new skills.

Arena of Valor

arena of valor

Formerly known as the Realm of Valor and Strike of Kings, Arena of Valor is the first multiplayer online battle arena game to release on the Nintendo switch. Though it is not as smooth as mobile and problem-free still a good choice to jump into. In this free game, you have multiple options to play the battles including 5v5, 3v3, 1v1 modes.

Super Kirby Clash

super kirby clash

This free RPG game will surely hookup you for a long time. Super Kirby Clash is the best free game in the Kirby series with great mechanics and replayability. Until you make an in-game purchase, super Kirby clash is free and makes hardly any reason not to download it for at least once. You must give this latest game a shot which will cost you almost 0 dollars.

DC Universe Online

DC universe online

DC games have been always favourite of many players on Xbox One, PS4 or even switch. DC Universe Online is one of the oldest and massively multiplayer online game (MMO) in the market. The servers are solid enough to not to lag or face any barrier while in the game. You can play the game for free with limited customization, although the premium membership will help you unlock some good resources is nintendo switch case.

Realm Royale

realm royale

Some claims to be Realm of Royale as the Fortnite wannabe, for a while, it seems to be but those two are slightly different. Realms Royale has some special abilities and features over the Fortnite like double jump and teleport and game is more focused on heroes with abilities, unlike the Fortnite where players focus more on building and survival. This free Nintendo switch game will surely help to increase your battle games skills.

Final Words – Top Free Nintendo Games 2020

So, here are the top best free Nintendo switch games that we tried to rank based on different factors. The gameplay, graphics, customization, free to play content helped us to set the position of the games. If you are looking for the Xbox games then you would like to check the best upcoming Xbox one games. We hope you will love to play these free Nintendo switch games. Share your experience with us in the comment section, we would love to add it here. Till then, stay tuned with

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